Swiss Mountain Spring All Natural Ginger Beer


This Premium Ginger Beer achieves the perfect harmony with Allegra Spring Water and tastes truly natural because of its alcohol-free fermentation, with barley malt and ginger from Indonesia and Nigeria. Its pleasant but subtle sharpness convinces pure enjoyment, but is also wonderful in combination with your favorite spirit like gin or vodka.


The Allegra Spring

The mineral water of the Allegra spring is naturally dammed in deep loam layers and takes decades to flow through the rock strata to the source outlet. Its quality is characterized by the time and patience that it takes, until it is released fresh and clear to the potion by nature. It is bottled in its natural state, without any ingredients and treatments. Due to its subtle magnesium note, it is easily digestible. The low content of sodium chloride and its natural oxygen are essential to the human organism and its high calcium content supports our health.

Swiss Mountain Spring All Natural Ginger Beer

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