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Why choose ELG Vodka?

Vodka is one of the world’s simplest spirits, as it is comprised of just water and alcohol. The precision of the distillation determines the purity of the finished vodka’s taste and smell.

ELG Spirits’ corn alcohol is based on wheat and is of the highest quality. In addition, ELG Spirits is treading a whole new path to develop the purest possible spirits. With the final distillation. the alcohol vapours pass through two specially developed 24-carat gold filters to guarantee a perfectly pure distillate.


Which AWARDS has Stone Grange ELG VODKA won?

ELG Vodka was awarded bronzemedal at the IWSC in 2019


What is the perfect serve?

ELG VODKA can be served pure "on the rocks", but also included in classic vodka drinks such as Bloody Mary, or your favourite vodka drink.  Serve your Bloody Mary in our perfect Crispy Frederik Bagger highball glass


If you are more into the classic Black Russian (5 cl Vodka, 3 cl Coffeeliqueur) then serve with our Crispy Frederik Bagger lowball glass


Where can I buy ELG Vodka in Switzerland?

Send us a mail at or order from our website


Where can I read more about Stone Grange?


Stone Grange ELG Vodka

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  • Stone Grange Distillery, Fredensborgvej, Denmark

Postfach 542, 6440 Brunnen, Schweiz​

Tel: +41 78 874 2747

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