Stone Grange ELG Gin No.1

New to our Collection Award winning

What makes ELG No. 1 a winner?

The three botanicals are distilled in different ways to achieve perfect distillates with the best possible flavour and taste. Further the coriander seeds in particular have an undesirable flavor element which are removed during the distillation process, accentuating this extraordinary drink experience.


How many botanicals does ELG Gin No. 1 have?

3 Botanicals, juniper berries of course, coriander seeds and Danish carrots


What does ELG Gin No.1 taste like?

Judges Tasting Notes

"Enthusiastically intense, pronounced and expressive. Intensely herbal with vibrant juniper, fresh citrusy lime, cardamom and coriander bursting onto the palate. Above and beyond the classic dry gin experience, delivering an exuberant liveliness that bursts with flavour. Score 98/100.


Serve in our Crispy Frederik Bagger highball glass


Where can I find it in Switzerland?

On our website of course


Do you need more information?

Elg Gin No. 1 is a crystal clear all-round gin. It is based on juniper berries, coriander seeds and Danish Carrots. The taste is dominated by the flavour of the juniper berries.


What is the perfect serve?

Elg Gin No. 1 is designed to be the perfect gin for many different cocktails, but you can also drink it  straightup “on the rocks”. It goes well with most tonic waters to create a classic gin and tonic.


Which AWARDS has Stone Grange ELG gins won?

Elg Gin No. 1 has won many awards, including a double gold at CWSA 2017 and Silver Outstanding at IWSC 2016 & 2018.


Stone Grange ELG Gin No.1

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