Stone Grange ELG Aquavit

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Why choose ELG Aquavit?

ELG Aquavit is a Danish aquavit distilled from local ingredients. It has a smooth and mild taste and contains orange, star anis extract and fennel distillate, giving it notes of citrus, star anis and liquorice.


Where can I find ELG Akvavit it in Switzerland?

On our website of course


What is the perfect serve?

Elg Aquavit pairs perfectly with New Nordic Cuisine and is completely at home on the traditional Danish lunch table.  Serve chilled into our Frederik Crispy Mini shot glasses .

Can also be served at room temperature, and slow sip throughout enjoying your Nordic meal.


Which AWARDS has Stone Grange ELG Aquavit won?

Elg Akvavit won "Grand Gold - Best spirit in competition - All countries", in Frankfurt Trophy 2020.

Stone Grange ELG Aquavit

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