Sams Island "Ant" Gin

From the wild Danish island of Samsø

In the Sams Island Distillery, which is located on the island of Samsø in Denmark, the distillers believe in balance and naturalness. They respect the tradition of classical distillation, but have come across the special recipe for the Sams Island gin, through their experiments with various gins from around the world. Orange ants and fresh micro-greens, as well as dark-ripe juniper and blackcurrants from the wild Sami nature are used as botanicals for this exclusive gin.



The "Ant" Gin is truly unique in taste. The orange ants which are used, give the gin an intense orange peel aroma, while the blackcurrants flavor it with a slight sweetness. The gin is a wonderful treat both pure as an aperitif, as well as with a classic tonic water, ice cubes and orange peel.



Sams Island "Ant" Gin

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