Maze Gin & Spices Set

Maze Gin & Spices Set

1x Maze Gin

1x A Touch of Spices Gin & Tonic Garnish Set


Maze Gin

The "carrot" as the main botanical for this gin makes is absolutely exceptional. The carrots that are used all come from the harvest of local farms. Even the juniper berries come from the region. Maze Gin focuses on sustainable, local botanicals and stands for the high quality.



Touch of Spices Garnish Set

Raise the bar with a well-made Gin & Tonic. With this gift box, you get three beautiful spices full of aroma and essential oils that will elevate your Gin & Tonic to a new level of taste and appearance.


Designed to look like a book, this gift box also comes with great advice on the art of mixing a drink, also known as Mixology. On the cover, you can read the ways to use and combine different types of garnishes, or get inspired by the delectable drinks images.

Maze Gin & Spices Set

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