Enghaven Single Malt Whisky - Batch 1

Single Malt

Enghaven's Single Malt Whiskey was won in October 2018 from a barrel, also known as "Single Barrel Whiskey". The distillation took place in June 2014. The barrel is an old bourbon barrel in which rum has already been stored. All Enghaven whiskeys are fermented with barley as it adds extra sweetness to the distillate.



After some time in the glass, deeper notes of caramel, nuts and dried fruit appear. First you have a taste of a cognac, which goes into a more malt sweetness with clear references to eg. plums, dried figs and dates. Thereafter you will encounter a delicious creamy mouthfeel with both fullness and bite that goes into a long and spicy finish.


Enghaven Single Malt Whisky - Batch 1

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