Elg Vodka Set

Elg Vodka Set

1x Premium Gold Elg Vodka

1x Crispy Mini Glasses by Frederik Bagger


Premium Gold Elg Vodka

ELG Spirits’ corn alcohol is based on wheat and is of the highest quality. In addition, ELG Spirits is treading a whole new path to develop the purest possible spirits. With the final distillation. the alcohol vapours pass through two specially developed 24-carat gold filters to guarantee a perfectly pure distillate.


Crispy Mini Glasses by Frederik Bagger

The high-quality miniature lowball glasses by Frederik Bagger are the perfect gift for any occasion. The unique size of the glasses offers endless possibilities. Among other things, they can be used for mini-drinks or the morning ginger shot.

Frederik Bagger Crispy glasses are cut on a diamond wheel. The high quality of the glass guarantees long-lasting brilliance and clarity. 

Elg Vodka Set

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  • Stone Grange Distillery, Fredensborgvej, Denmark

Postfach 542, 6440 Brunnen, Schweiz​


Tel: +41 78 874 2747

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