Elg Brandy, Cognac

The story

The Elg Brandy is a grape brandy grown in the distillery fields around the Esrum Lake in Denmark. After fermenting and pressing, the wine is distilled to brandy. Elg Brandy is distilled in two columns so that only the finest and purest spirits are collected. It is a careful process where the distiller keeps track of the distillation from start to finish.



This high-quality brandy smells of citrus and orange fragrances. This beautifully intense fruit taste with spicy notes of white pepper make it excel.



It was awarded the silver medal at IWSC in 2019.


Elg Brandy, Cognac

  • Stone Grange Distillery

Postfach 542, 6440 Brunnen, Schweiz​


Tel: +41 78 874 2747

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