ELG Brandy, Cognac

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Why choose ELG Brandy?

ELG Brandy is a barrel-aged grape brandy made from the grapes grown in the distillery fields on the shores of Lake Esrum in Denmark. After the grapes have been fermented and pressed, the resulting wine is distilled into brandy using a column still in order to ensure that only the purest and highest-quality liquor is collected. This is a painstaking process which happens under the constant, watchful eye of the distiller.

The brandy is transferred to a medium-toasted, 225-litre French barrel and left to age for ten years. Afterwards, the alcohol content is reduced to 10% and the brandy is bottled in “old” apothecary bottles. We produce approximately 300 litres of this brandy annually.

In France, two famous varieties of brandy in France are Cognac and Armagnac, named after the French regions of Cognac and Armagnac respectively.


How does the ELG Brandy smell & taste?

This high-quality brandy smells of citrus and orange fragrances. This beautifully intense fruit taste with spicy notes of white pepper make it excel.


Which AWARDS has Stone Grange ELG Brandy won?

ELG Brandy was awarded Silver at IWSC 2019


ELG Brandy, Cognac

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