Crispy Cocktail Glasses by Frederik Bagger

"There is a time and place for cocktails. In my hand and now"

Drink your cocktails from these stunning hand-cut crystal glasses in true style and elegance. The high-quality Crispy Cocktail Glas is the perfect accessory to celebrate special occasions in fine style.

Frederik Bagger Crispy glasses are cut on a diamond wheel. The high quality of the glass guarantees long-lasting brilliance and clarity. 


Frederik Bagger

The Danish brand Frederik Bagger is just like the designer of these elegant products. Frederik Bagger founded his company in Copenhagen in 2014 and the young brand's first series was Crispy.

In Denmark, cut crystal glass is one of the most important trends in the home accessories area. Thanks to his design experience with Crispy, Frederik Bagger not only created the most elegant series, but also the most successful series in Denmark of this revived style.

Crispy Cocktail Glasses by Frederik Bagger

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