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Gin Liqueur - Meet Gins little Brother

Over the past years, following the rise of the gin trend, one particular spirit is on its rise to bars and private homes. I am talking about the gin liqueur. The gin liqueur, as the name says, is a fusion of gin and liqueur. Before we talk about the "Gin Liqueur", let us have a look at some facts about the known spirit called liqueur. Liqueur was initially used for medical purposes. The high amount of sugar enabled the preservation of medicinal roots, plants, fruits, and other botanics. Today, liqueurs are still flavored with fruits but also spices, nuts, creme, and other flavors. After the distillation, the alcohol is bottled with an additional amount of sugar or other sweeteners. The bottled liqueur is normally not aged. The extra sugar added, gives the liqueur its delicate sweetness that comes in many different varieties. My personal favorite is the Buckthorn Gin Liquour by Jim and Tony. The buckthorn, also named the northern ginger, gives the liqueur the perfect amount of sourness to compliment the sweetness. One way to serve the liqueur is by mixing it with tonic water or prosecco. These drinks are excellent for a warm summer day or a cozy winter evening.


- 1 part Jim&Tony Buckthorn Gin Liqueur

- 2 part Extra dry Procecco

Combine all ingredients in a champagne glass.

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