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Unique stories

Most of our products have a unique story behind them


Be your own Bartender

Take a look at our suggested cocktails and become your own bartender


Customization & Experience

Customize your gin with a selected tonic, glass and garnish


Premium Quality


Most of our spirits are from small distilleries, and are selected due to their premium quality

Organic tonics & spirits


Take a look at our organic offerings of both tonics and spirits


Drink less but drink better

Younger people are more aware of the health impacts of consuming too much alcohol


It all started with a dream...

Do you know the feeling that suddenly arises in your belly and in your heart when you realize that the dream has become reality? We are a small team of three people; Luisa is responsible for creation and marketing, Dominic for sales and customers, and Lisa for administration and suppliers. In addition, we are supported by creative friends and bartenders, who together form a group of tasters and provide plenty of inspiration.

The dream started when we traveled together through Scandinavia during summertime. We discovered that the Scandinavians, in addition to the "Hygge", which stands for perfect cosiness, also have a fun and creative culture. This is particularly noticeable during celebrations with family and friends, where the hosts are delighted to create decorative cocktails, which they then serve to their guests. The Scandinavians are all about being together and creating together. The shared enjoyment is the most important. Our dream is to bring this culture from Scandinavia to Switzerland. Step by step we approached this dream. With the founding of Botanical Spirits we have finally fulfilled it.

Our focus is currently on exceptional gins from small exclusive Nordic distilleries. In order to unite the Swiss and Scandinavian drinking culture, we also offer Swiss spirits. Never before, there was as much emphasis on gin and its combinations with tonic water, trimmings and accessories. Therefore we want to seize this opportunity and give you the possibility to unleash your creativity in creating cocktails. There are many new gins coming to market from Scandinavia which we will introduce you to in the future, including non-alcoholic spirits.

The art of becoming your home bartender or barkeeper is growing. We want to introduce you to a unique and mostly unknown selection of spirits in combination with accompanying garnishing, such as dried fruits and spices together with matching bar accessories, to unleash your creativity. With our assortment, recommendations and recipes, you will be an original bartender to you, your family and your friends. Our shop aims to provide you with the best possible experience in creating your next cocktail with our products and our inspiration.

If you feel like we are missing something or if we can do something better, then please let us know via E-mail, Instagram or Facebook. We would appreciate your feedback.


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